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Meet Our Team

Flight Instruction Pricing

Instructor Type Club Rate Walk-In Rate
Flight Instructor $60.00 $65.00
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor $65.00 $70.00
Chief Flight Instructor $65.00 $70.00
Multi-Engine Instruction $80.00 $85.00
Owner Aircraft Instruction $80.00 $85.00


Michael O'Neal

Chief Flight Instructor

Michael is responsible for the check out of all Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s) at SkyBound Aviation. Michael, along with the other CFI’s, will check out a renter or student in any aircraft at SkyBound in addition to instructing and providing commercial piloting services. Michael’s other responsibilities at Skybound Aviation include oversight of aircraft maintenance and scheduling. Michael operates for Skybound Aviation through AV8 Inc.; Skybound Aviation purchased AV8′s assets September 2006.

Michael O’Neal has been in the aviation industry since 1976, and his ratings include commerical pilot with instrument rating, single engine land, multi engine land, flight instructor and instrument flight instructor. He has over 28,000 flight hours, of which 80% are in instruction. Michael has flown and instructed in single engine land, multi-engine land, complex, and high performance aircraft, and has been flying in the Atlanta area for over 35 years. His number is 770-377-2169 or Email Michael O’Neal.

Kerwin Day

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Kerwin is a career professional independent instructor. He is a CFII who can instruct and provide private pilot services. His ratings include commercial pilot with instrument rating, single engine land, multi engine land, flight instructor, instrument flight instructor, and atp. Kerwin has been flying for 40 years and about 75% of his hours are instructing. His number is 770-634-9301 or Email Kerwin Day.

You can also visit Kerwin’s website, K&M Aero Services.

Cindy Massey

Advanced Ground Instructor/Full-Time Flight Instructor

Cindy provides instruction for Skybound Avaition’s Ground Schools. On her first Instrucment Ground School class every student passed and all were the highest scores of the testing center for that day.

Cindy’s ratings include Commercial Pilot, SEL, Instrument, AGI and she currently received her CFI and CFII ratings under the tutelage of Michael O’Neal. Cindy started flying approximately 6 years ago. Her number is 770-616-8048. Email Cindy Massey

You can also visit Cindy’s website, Falkor Aviation.

Victoria Larson

Full-Time Flight Instructor

Victoria has been involved in aviation for most of her life; her father owned a Citabria when she was growing up, she travelled the world as a flight attendant for the airlines, and even assisted engineers with their design of one of the world’s largest aircraft – the A380. Now she teaches flying to people who share her love of aviation. Please give her a call at (703)984-9873 or email her at copilot672000@yahoo.com.

Nathan Glasser

Full-Time Flight Instructor

Nathan is a full time flight instructor dedicated to seeing his students through from beginning to end. He has been flying since 2009 and instructing since 2012. He is passionate about aviation and wants to share his experience in aviation with others who wish to learn. Nathan is also pursuing his bachelors in aviation business administration at Embry Riddle in addition to receiving his associates in science of aviation.

Nathan’s ratings include commercial pilot with instrument rating, single and multi-engine land, high performance and complex endorsements, and Certified Flight Instructor. Most recently, he studied for and passed his ATP written and is working towards his instrument instructor rating.

His number is (412) 478-6395 or email at glasser.nathan@gmail.com

Bruce Dance

Full-Time Flight Instructor

Bruce is a full time independent flight instructor with almost 40 years experience. He insists on keeping each lesson fun, but is dedicated to professionalism and safety. Whether you’re a first time student pilot, or already a pilot training for an advanced rating, Bruce has the experience to help you reach your goal.

He holds a Commercial Certificate with Single Engine Land, Multi Engine Land and Glider ratings. He is also a Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor, with an Advanced Ground Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate. He also teaches tail-wheel techniques.

For more info, check out Bruce’s website: www.brucedance.com.

Alex Bishop

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Joe Lanier

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Joe is a part time instructor who received his CFI in 2010. He has over 1,800 hours. His ratings include Commercial Pilot, SEL, Instrument, AGI, CFI.   His number is 706-773-1504 or Email Joe Lanier.

Andrew Woeber

Full-Time Flight Instructor

Andrew is a professional independent flight instructor. He holds a commercial pilot certificate with CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings. He offers primary and advanced training in single and multi-engine airplanes. Andrew will work with you to provide personalized ground and flight instruction tailered to your needs and schedule. His number is 678-469-7752. You may also contact him at his website or Email Andrew Woeber.

You can also visit Andrew’s website, Andrew Woeber CFI.

Jeff Clark

Acrobatic and Tailwheel Instructor

Jeff is a certified flight instructor who specializes in tailwheel and acrobatic instruction. Jeff has over 800 hours total time with 400 of those hours in a tailwheel. His number is 678-640-9175. Email Jeff Clark.

Joe Armstrong

Part-Time Flight Instructor
󰀝678 596-3401

Joe flies professionally and loves to train on weekends and his down time. His number is 678 596-3401 or Email Joe Armstrong.

Steven Hurst

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Steve is a commercial. single and multi-engine, instrument rated flight instructor. He has helped build two experimental aircraft and is experienced in both ultra light and tail wheel aircraft. He has been instructing for more than 40 years and his students are currently flying for major airlines as well as for your business and pleasure. He specializes in personalized instruction to help you meet your aviation goals.

His cell phone number is 678-371-2920.

His email is terry_hurst@bellsouth.net.

Kevin Maceri

Full-Time Flight Instructor

Kevin enjoys flying and teaching his students the knowledge they need to gain confidence to fly airplanes. He enjoys his students flirst solos and relishes in thier every accomplishment. Kevin’s number is 678-773-4608 orEmail Kevin Maceri.

David Thomason

Part-Time Flight Instructor

David teaches primary and advanced taring to students and pilots. He expertise will benefit allthose who fly with him. Currently David is working towards instructing in the Decthalon. Way to Go David!. David’s number is 770-328-2573 or Email David Thomason.

Jeff Kidd

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Jeff is a part-time flight instructor balancing flying with his computer software consulting firm. Jeff began flying seriously in 1995 . His ratings include Commercial Pilot SEL/MEL Instrument (1997), Flight Instructor SE/ME Instrument (1997-1998), Commercial Pilot Glider (1999), and Airline Transport Pilot MEL (2000). Jeff has over 3,000 hours total time with 1,000 of those hours instructing. His number is 404-664-9833. Email Jeff Kidd.

Stan Kowalchyk

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Stan flies professionally and loves to train on weekends and his down time. His number is 678-283-9860 orEmail Stan Kowalchyk.

Jeremy Taylor

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Jeremy took his love for flying a step further. He started flying in school and has recently started out as an instructor for Skybound. His number is 678-350-4891 or Email Jeremy Taylor.

James Weisberg

Part-Time Flight Instructor

James Weisberg is a CFI-A, CFI-I and CFI-ME (Multi-engine) Instructor. As a full-time faculty member of the Emory University School of Medicine, he is understands and appreciates the fine art of balancing flying with other responsibilities. James flies with SkyBound evenings and weekends and every other chance when his very understanding wife and kids allow him. His number is 404-290-0115 or Email James Weisberg.

Randy Farrell

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Randy flies professionally and loves to train on weekends and his down time. His number is 678-386-9341 orEmail Randy Farrell.

Todd Fine

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Todd flies professionally and loves to train on weekends and his down time. His number is 404-431-3130 or Email Todd Fine.

Kevin Hairr

Part-Time Flight Instructor

Ken flies with Civil Air Patrol and instructs part time with Skybound. Call him at 770-343-8826 or Email Ken Hairr.